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Weather, River & Flood Risk information

Just in case you want to know about river levels or Environment Agency flood alerts and warnings in force in real time then use these links.

Rail and Airport Alerts  HERE      Global near real time forest fires map  HERE

CHECK real time river levels near you here

LIVE Flood Warning and Map here when in force.

Current river levels across England & Wales interactive map. (Recommended viewing for UK residents near rivers).

It seems that the jet stream has a significant influence on our weather. The further north of the UK then our weather comes from further south and the further south is the jet stream then weather from further north affects the UK.  Obviously this description is simplified.

See the jet stream 16 day forecast here For more information about the jet stream go to this link

Current Environment Agency Warnings for flood risk alerts.

The alerts are shown in real time.

Click the links below for further information at the Environment Agency web site link

Going to the beach? Check out the water quality here

More weather related information and alerts further down this page + interactive river level link.

Click here for more weather road and rail alerts.

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UK weather at a glance. Notice the options bottom right.

World wide weather at a glance. Map options top left. Drag the map to any world location and zoom in. Temperature, wind, wind chill, barometric pressure, sea conditions and more.