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Would you give your wallet to a stranger?

Probably not. But many people will willingly give their computer to a strager. Not simply by handing it over but what about those Internet adverts suggesting that ‘Your computer is slow - click here to speed it up’? Is this OK to do? Often the answer is NO. Scammers use many different tricks to get hold of your data. You are giving some unknown third party possibly complete access to your device and even control of it.

The same goes for repairs. Can the repairer be trusted with all the personal information in your device? Photos many private and maybe financial data - account numbers passwords the list goes on.

The message is simple and clear. If you don’t absolutely trust the Internet advert or the person you are handing your device to then stop. Talk to people you can trust before doing anything, find out how they deal with device maintenance and repair. Or read more about this from reliable web sites. Use several different ones and get a wider view.

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