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More quick links to weather, road and rail alerts from TigerLily.co.uk

Traffic information

Traffic in England for up-to-date traffic situation on England's motorways and major A-Roads

Highways Agency for The lat­est traf­fic infor­ma­tion for England’s strate­gic road net­work

Traffic weather UK some other countries.

Rail disruption

Latest railway travel news

River Levels interactive map - see river levels across the UK or near you. An excellent resource and source of flood risk information in real time.

Airport Delays - UK

Individual airports have web pages providing flight information including delays.

This LINK gives an overview of UK airpot travel issues.

Useful Weather Links

Net weather give a quick at-a-glance overview of weather alerts in real time. It also gives more details and time periods of the alerts.

Windy.com wind speed/direction forecasts and much other weather info for your location

For USA visit weather.gov

For Europe(and elsewhere) visit easy to use weather online

Worldwide weather by location name. An inter-active map.

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